Who we are

Our values and principles

As our name calls for a relentless step up, we are committed to a perpetual improvement in our methods, work quality and support while staying pragmatic and result-oriented. Our work and ethics are informed by essential values and guiding principles that are deeply incorporated in our culture. 


Client first
We partner with our clients to create a real team dynamic. As we share their objectives, we are always prioritizing all our work and actions to the sole benefit of our clients
Tangible Impact
We design and execute pragmatic solutions that meet the needs, ensure adoption and deliver real world impact. We will start with what we have got and build from there, rather than proposing grand schemes. The best solution is not always the most sophisticated or beautiful one
We provide objective and independent advice; we always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We forbid ourselves from engaging in activities that could interfere with our responsibilities to our clients or create any confusion
We seek unconventional ideas and solutions, always on the move, we aim to shake up the status quo and leave a path for others to follow
Get to know us

The founding team

Our founders come from the world of strategic consulting and digital marketing where leveraging data has transformed the marketing business over the past 10 years.

Thanks to its tech maturity and heavy investments, marketing has been the laboratory and the genesis of data-driven organizations.

Outside of marketing, the other functions (HR, Finance, Sales, Logistics,…) are following a path which is too often guided by tools instead of use cases and their decisions are, most of the time, insufficiently backed by data.

The transformation toward full data-powered organizations requires a combination of expertise that our founders have assembled together: strategic consulting, technology, data and change management.